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Diseño de sitio web

Web design

A solution and a price for each company

Web Services 

We offer several website options for small and medium businesses,   individuals or local businesses, depending on your needs.

You can choose between:


Standard Website , which allows us to create a website quickly and cheaply. We will develop a website for you or your company from €400 to €1,500.

- Premium Website,   We make web pages adapted to the specific requirements of customers based on their needs.   From €2,000 to €5,000.

- Online store , we will build your personalized website with the best CMS for ecommerce (Wix - Woocommerce). From €750 euros up to €5000.

Do you already have a website and want to improve it? Through our website optimization and SEO audit services, we will analyze your website to find the most effective strategies to improve usability and search engine rankings.

We complement our services with an exclusive novelty: 

SUBSCRIPTIONS for your website.
In this offer you will find everything you need to create and enhance the image of your brand or that of your company on the internet. Start making yourself known on the Web and raise your brand to a higher level.

Subscriptions from €59/month to €149/month, with contracts of 12 to 36 months.

In the price we include:

- Full website
- Hosting and domain
- Technical Support 
- Hourly maintenance
- Security and backup

Don't know where to start?

Contact us to start a dialogue and we will advise you on the best address for your business.

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Standard Website: Fast, economical and effective

If you need a fast and affordable website, our Standard Website is the ideal option for you. We will develop a quality website for your company or personal project starting from €400. With this option, you can effectively establish your online presence and present your products or services to your target audience. Whether you are a small or medium sized business, a private individual or a local business, our Standard Website provides you with an efficient and affordable solution.


Premium Website: Customised and tailored to your needs

If you are looking for a website that perfectly fits your specific needs, our Premium Website is the right choice for you. Based on your requirements, we will create a customised website that reflects your unique brand identity. With our experience in web design and knowledge of the latest trends, we will provide you with a unique and attractive online platform. The price of our Premium Website starts at €700, and is a valuable investment for those who wish to stand out and differentiate themselves online.

Online shop: Sell your products or services online

Do you want to take your business to the next level and expand into the world of ecommerce? At Blanc Barcelona, we will build your custom online shop using the best CMS for ecommerce, such as Wix or Woocommerce. From 750€, you can have an online sales platform that will allow you to reach more customers and increase your sales. Our team will develop an attractive, easy to use and fully adapted to your products or services online shop. With our experience in design and functionality, we will help you create a successful and attractive online shopping experience for your customers.


Complementary services to boost your online presence

At Blanc Barcelona, we not only focus on custom web design, but we also offer complementary services to maximise the impact of your online presence.

Website optimisation and SEO audit: Improve your search engine visibility

If you already have a website and want to improve it, we offer SEO audit and optimisation services. We will expertly analyse your website and provide you with effective strategies to improve usability and search engine rankings. We will work with you to find the best keywords, optimise your website content and improve the user experience. Our goal is to help you achieve better search engine visibility and attract more customers to your website.

Subscriptions to boost your brand image online

As part of our exclusive services, we offer you subscriptions designed to boost your brand image online. These subscriptions are a complete solution that gives you everything you need to stand out and elevate your business to the next level on the web.


With prices ranging from €59/month to €149/month and flexible contracts from 12 to 36 months, our subscriptions offer you a variety of benefits included in the price:


Full website: We will develop a complete and attractive website that accurately represents your brand identity. From visual design to functionality, we will ensure that your website is attractive, easy to navigate and captures the attention of your visitors.

Hosting and domain: We will take care of the management of your domain and hosting, so you don't have to worry about the technical aspects. Our team will set up and maintain your domain and hosting, ensuring optimal performance and a smooth user experience.

Technical support: We know that technical questions or issues can arise, that's why we offer dedicated technical support. Our team will be available to help you and answer your queries, giving you the peace of mind of having professional assistance at all times.

Hourly maintenance: We will perform the necessary maintenance to ensure the proper functioning of your website. We will take care of updates, bug fixes and any improvements or changes you need to make to your website.

Security and backup: We will implement advanced security measures and perform regular backups to protect your data and ensure the integrity of your website. Our goal is to give you the peace of mind of knowing that your website is protected and backed up in case of any eventuality.

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