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Quienes Somos - Blanc Barcelona

About us

Our store

Hello, we are Gemma and Daniele, a couple that after twelve years together, with the experience of a store in Tuscany,  

we wanted to turn our lives around.

First with my one-way trip from Barcelona to Tuscany and with Daniele back to Barcelona,

we have decided to undertake this new adventure together.

A project that was born of dreams and hopes, and we have finally achieved it!


In our store you can find products / objects chosen to make your home a true HOME.

From textiles with a unique quality both in design and fabrics, fragrances that will envelop your homes with personality, exclusive decoration with shabby chic touches and Provencal influences,  beauty products to relax, and much more.


We look for products from other markets or other countries so that you know everything that inspires us, that makes us dream

with a house even more beautiful and more ours.

We help you when choosing gifts for your friends and family; and we offer you a wide range of products so that you can find a detail, an object or an idea that can change that room or that corner where you did not know what to put to decorate it with your taste.


We invite you to travel to our beloved Italy, to the wonderful and fragrant France

and towards each of the corners of our Mediterranean

to discover new inspirations for your homes!


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We will create a consistent and coherent image for your business. Contact us for more information!

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